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Dolphins Are Back in Hatsushima

Dolphins are back again in Hatsuhima!

Hatsushima (shima=island) is a small island in Shizuoka Prefecture, only about 30min. away from Atami port by ferry (Atami is about 50 min. away from Tokyo using the bullet train). Although there were appearances of dolphins around the island in the past, it is unusual for them to stay for more than a week, which first happened last year. Now, the same dolphins seem to have come back!

According to Hatsushima Diving Center, last year, the dolphins that appeared in July stayed until late autumn. Since there was no sight of them during the winter, they were thought to have gone elsewhere, not to return.

So, it was a happy surprise when the same dolphins have come back this month. Now, they even circle around the divers as if they want to play with them! (Watch the video!) They are likely to stay again, but if you want to meet them, now’s the chance 🙂

Information & photos from Hatsushima Diving Center

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