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  • Shark Scramble only 2hours away from TOKYO Diving in ITO
  • Shark Scramble only 2hours away from TOKYO Diving in ITO
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  • Manta Rays, Whales, and Many Pelagic Fish
  • Hammerheads and Underwater Ruins
  • An Island with Many Tourist Attractions
  • The readers’ No.1 choice diving area in Japan!
  • Amazing Cavern Dive Sites and Coral Reefs
  • Great Nature Underwater and on Land!!
  • Best Beach and Dive Destinations in Japan

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This website is operated by “Marine Diving” magazine, No.1 scuba diving magazine in Japan, loved by the readers for over half a century. Let us introduce the fun of diving in Japan ranging from Okinawa, the most popular dive destination, to other unique dive sites waiting to be explored. Stay tuned for more information!
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