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Ocean info from Hirasawa Marine Center
Big Reef Squids’ Spawning Season

Spawning season of big reef squids have started in Hirasawa, western Izu peninsula, Shizuoka prefecture. The main dive site in Hirasawa is the large “Hirasawa Beach”. Here, you can watch many creatures by shore diving.

The spawning of big reef squids has started since mid-April at this very beach. According to Hirasawa Marine Center, now the spawning can be seen at every dive! There are also little dragonfish, Thecacera pennigera (type of nudibranch with black dots), Eplumula phalangium (type of crab that appears only during winter), and more. Why not visit while the squids are on fire? 😉

Information & photos from Hirasawa Marine Center


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