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Ocean info from Prime Scuba Ishigaki
Summer has come!? So many manta rays!

At “Panari Big Corner”

At “Panari Big Corner”

Although it is still chilly in Tokyo, it seems as though summer has already come to Ishigaki Island! It has been sunny for few days, with high ground temperature of about 28 ~ 30℃.

According to Prime Scuba Ishigaki, they have succeeded in seeing many manta rays during these perfect days for scuba diving. They got to see 3~4 manta rays swimming around the cleaning station at  “Panari Big Corner”, and couple playing around at “Yonara Channel”. At” Manta City Point”, single manta ray kept hovering and let the guests watch him. With this high probability of encountering manta rays, no wonder Ishigaki Island is the most popular dive destinations for Japanese divers…

At “Tokakin-no-ne”, they also got to see dogtooth tuna circling around. To learn more about Ishigaki Island’s dive sites, check out Diving in ISHIGAKI ISLAND.

Information & photos from Prime Scuba Ishigaki


At "Manta City Point"


At "Tokakin-no-ne"


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