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Ocean info from Umitatsu, Hiwasa
Dive with Japanese spider crab!

The breeding season of Japanese spider crabs have started in Hiwasa, Tokushima prefecture! Tokushima prefecture is located at Shikoku Island. It is about 4 hours’ drive away from Osaka using highway bus.

Japanese spider crabs are the world’s largest kind of crabs found around the ocean of Japan, some with leg span of over 3 m. They are usually living at the depth of the ocean, at about 300 m below surface. However, during the breeding season in Hiwasa, they can be found at the depth of only about 25 ~ 30 m. According to Umitatsu, a diving shop in Hiwasa, if you’re lucky, you may even see them at the depth of just 5 ~ 10 m! They get back to the deep bottoms of the ocean once the breeding ends, so now is the best time to go and dive in Hiwasa!

Information & photos from Umitatsu

Many lumpfish are also appearing

Many lumpfish are also appearing

Japanese spiny lobsters

Japanese spiny lobsters


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