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Ocean info from Jogashima Diving Center
Yellow goosefish sighting, new born lumpfish and more

Yellow goosefish was sighted in Jogashima on February 13th!

Jogashima is a small island less than 2 hours’ drive away from Tokyo, located off the south coast of Miura peninsula, Kanagawa Prefecture. Who knew about this amazing dive site so close to Tokyo?

Yellow goosefish was seen at the relatively shallow shore dive site called “Kajinohama beach”, at the depth of about 5 m. According to Jogashima Diving Center, yellow goosefish almost never appear at shore dive sites. The sighting of yellow goosefish itself is uncommon even at boat dive sites, so this is super rare.

Juvenile lumpfish were also sighted on the same day for the first time in Jogashima this year. They were at the depth of about 2 m.

Jogashima is also known for nudibranchs. Mexichromis macropus, gorgeous purple nudibranch, appeared about 2 weeks ago and is staying at the same spot. It has been 4 years since the last sighting of this nudibranch!

Yellow goosefish, lumpfish, nudibranchs―a lot to see in Jogashima!

Information & photos from Jogashima Diving Center

Juvenile lumpfish

Juvenile lumpfish

Mexichromis macropus

Mexichromis macropus


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