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Ocean info from Ito Diving Service BOMMIE, Chiba
Sharks, sharks, sharks… and SUNFISH!

Ocean Sunfish

Ocean Sunfish

Shark scramble!

Shark scramble!

A sunfish (mola mola) appeared in the ocean of Ito, Chiba Prefecture on December 9, 2018.
Ito is a dive site located at the tip of Chiba. Here, you can be surrounded by hundreds of banded houndsharks, a large school of stingrays, huge longtooth groupers (measuring over 1m long), and Asian sheepshead wrasses, all at the same time! These are seen regularly, but it is not common for the ocean sunfish to appear in Ito, so it’s a great surprise! They appear only about once in 2~3 years. Maybe it’s an early Christmas present? 🙂
The ocean condition in Ito is very good these days, with the visibility of about 40m, and Japanese cormorants being watched while scuba diving; they come dive into the ocean and hunt in front of you. (Video below)

Information & photos from Ito Diving Service BOMMIE


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