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Asia's Largest Scuba Diving Event, the 32nd "Marine Diving Fair 2024," Held Grandly in Tokyo! Approximately 28,000 Excited Attendees!
April 5th to 7th, 2024

Asia’s largest scuba diving event, the 32nd “Marine Diving Fair 2024,” was grandly held in Tokyo at Sunshine City, Ikebukuro, from April 5th to 7th. Over the three days, approximately 28,000 visitors attended, with participation from over 200 exhibitors. The venue overflowed with numerous attendees!

The “Marine Diving Fair” celebrated its 32nd edition this year. Renowned nature photographer Junji Takasago, who won the prestigious Natural World Art category in the 2022 “Wildlife Photographer of the Year” contest, was invited to uplift the atmosphere of the “Marine Diving Fair 2024.”

On the first day, April 5th, despite being a weekday, nearly 1,000 people formed long queues even before the 10:00 am start.

Exhibitors hailed not only from within Japan but also internationally. Participating entities included government tourism bureaus and travel agencies from destinations such as the Philippines, Tahiti, Australia, Palau, Fiji, and New Caledonia.

Domestically, exhibitors showcased offerings from various regions such as Okinawa Main Island, Ishigaki Island, Miyako Island, Iriomote Island, Kume Island, and the legendary Hammerhead Shark spot in Mikomoto, Izu Peninsula. Accredited organizations like PADI, SNSI, CMAS, SDI, among others, were also present.

Additionally, booths from underwater camera manufacturers such as SEA&SEA, Nauticam, Fisheye, AOI, RGBlue, INON, Marelux, and SeaFrogs attracted large crowds, creating a vibrant atmosphere throughout the fair.

Throughout the three-day event, the stage at the venue hosted various programs from start to finish, including seminars on safe diving practices, slideshows by underwater photographers, seminars on marine environmental issues like carbon neutrality, and promotional activities for different diving destinations. The 100-seat auditorium was consistently packed, with some attendees even standing to catch the programs due to the overwhelming turnout.

At the booths of diving equipment manufacturers such as ScubaPro, TUSA, GULL, and Garmin, attendees had the opportunity to explore the latest diving gear, generating significant interest among visitors.

Japan boasts numerous underwater photographers, among whom Junji Takasago and renowned underwater photographer Ikuo Nakamura, were present at the venue, engaging with fellow enthusiasts and divers.

Japanese divers are passionate about exploring oceans worldwide, often using events like the “Marine Diving Fair” to decide their next diving destinations. This year, approximately 28,000 attendees visited the fair, with a notable increase in international divers. They sought information about destinations like Okinawa Main Island, Ishigaki Island, and Miyako Island. Japan’s seas are truly magnificent and a source of pride globally!

The next edition is scheduled for April 4th (Friday) to 6th (Sunday), 2025, at the same venue, Sunshine City, Ikebukuro, 2nd floor, D Hall in Tokyo!

We eagerly await the participation of divers from around the world at the 33rd “Marine Diving Fair 2025”!

For inquiries regarding participation as an exhibitor, please contact the Marine Diving Fair Executive Committee / Marine Creative Co., Ltd.

We are currently accepting exhibitor applications.

For more information, please visit the official Marine Diving Fair website 

32nd Annual “Marine Diving Fair 2024” Official Page
Marine Diving Fair Official Website

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