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Video by Kirin Sekito
Change | A message from our lovely nature
March 30, 2020

Japanese nature photographer, Kirin Sekito, has uploaded his new video “Change” (with English subtitle) on YouTube.

This video was first presented at “Diving Festival 2020” in February and received great feedback. We asked him what made him create this video.

Nowadays on TVs and internets, you might be hearing many suggestions about what eco-friendly activities you can do, like quit using plastic bags, use reusable bottles, etc.

But before anything, you must remember that you are surrounded by beautiful nature.
I have made this video in hope to make everyone realize that first, and then to question, “What can I do to protect this nature?”.

Every part of this video, from the buildings of Tokyo to Tottori, Izu Islands, Ishigaki Island, Okinawa Main Island and Amami Oshima, was taken in Japan. I would like everyone living in the cities also to watch it and think about what they can do to protect the environment.

I hope this video will bring “change” within each one of our daily lives and that these changes will help protect the beautiful Earth for future children.

(Interview answered by Kirin Sekito in Japanese / Translation by Marine Art Center)

Watch the video, and let’s take a moment to think what each of us can do for our precious environment.

Kirin Sekito’s website
Kirin Sekito’s YouTube Channel

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